Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Team Overly Ambitious Yet Plausibly Possible (OAYPP)

Alright I'm on a team, and it has a wonderful name. Oh I'm sorry, I didn't say what this was about - Ravelympics, of course. Don't you love our little mascot, Team Captain Two Cables picked it....So far OAYPP is 36 strong and growing. I've got to finish the sweater that's been on the needle forever, unless I plan on entering the WIP's wrestling catagory.

Your starting lineup for the OAYPP roster for Ravelympics 2008

We are;
Del at Cozy's
Shanta at Life as I Know (you're here)
Gale at Gale and The Scale
Tammi at I Might be Wrong
CajTalk at 2Sistahsthatknit
CiCicarry at 2Sistahsthatknit
Angela at Angela's Crocheting Corner
Deb at Hakucho
DigitalLeaf at DigitalLeaf Studio
Ken at That Crochet Guy
Sandy on Ravelry (sgfone)
Daphney at For the Love of Stitches
Lisa at Knitty Kitty in the Tropics
AnnChie on Ravelry (pyttan)
Tamika at The Crazy Ranter
Amber at Knitted Sisters
Wendy at Knitting Infinity
Nicol at KnitChick
Sunny at Confessions of a Serial Knitter
Kim at Kim's Treasures and Snares
Nilda at Titnil Knits and Other Crafty Things
Monique on Ravelry (Knitdoodle)
La'Keesha at Random Screamers Patterns
Renee at Sassa Nova
Jenn at Guineverefree
Nicole at Nik's knits
Meg at Meg's Garden
Karen on Ravelry (Knutty)
Spiritknit at Spirit Knit
Carine at Rosie Knitted
Catty at Catty Crocheter
Nashe at A-K-A.....The Twisted Sistah
Traci at Traci Knits
Kathi at Ravelry (Knitnbabe)
Breefree7 on Ravelry
Two Cables at Two Cables n' A Frapp

I apologize in advance for any broken links, let me know if you encounter any. Until then...

Be Safe.

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