Sunday, July 13, 2008


Fantastico! Super-di-duper. Oh my gosh, it was wonderful! I had the most supercalafragelisticexpialadocious day of my life. Thank you honey. To the most wonderful husband on the planet, who planned a nearly flawless surprise party (the guy at the door gave it slightly away). OH but it was great.

Let's see, I started the day as usual, me and the girls. I didn't really do anything, I looked up detergent recipes online and checked my email and blog and Ravelry for birthday messages, of which I got several- Thank you all.

The girls and I went to Target to pick up a few things, and I got birthday wishes from my friends there (yes, - I go to Target every week). We returned to the house where I began to get ready for the evening. BTW- Lani almost let it slip in the car that there would be a party. She said " I sure wish I could have some cake at your party Mommy." I promptly began shushing her and telling her if its supposed to be a surprise to "just be quiet". Crisis averted.

Ok, at home I check the web again and reply to as many well wishes as time permits, then I began to beautify myself for the big night, dinner at a Mexican restaurant. I didn't know what to wear because Michael didn't give me any clue as to the dress code, so I just got CUTE! I happened to wear the dress that Michael brought me from his trip to Miami (where I sent him for his 30th birthday). It was a very Carrie Bradshaw outfit so it fit fabulously with my "Grown and Sexy" birthday plans.

I fed the kids and got them ready to go to the neighbors (thanks Billy and Montrese). Oh yeah Althea said she was going to bring my gift to the house, but she was running late as usual. She called while we were on the way to the restaurant, at which point I teased about her timing and she said she'd bring the gift over in the morning.

Now we were supposed to go to Taqueria del Sol, however when we got there the line was out the door, and nearly around the building, so we decided to go to Ted's Montanta Grill, I'd been wanting to go there anyways so it all worked out. (I got a raincheck on the mexican though). Alright the game plan was laid out. We would eat dinner then leave for drinks and dessert at another undisclosed location.

I had the Barbecue Bison Spare Ribs, with garlic mashed potatoes and southern style green beans. It was de-lish. Um... I also had a fourth of a magarita, NEVER EVER AGAIN. Tequila is not my friend. Needless to say the ride to the party was interesting. However I quickly pulled myself together in an attempt to look respectable. We were at the Uptown Lounge, and maybe it was the tequila but I was still a little clueless. I thought we were going to see a comedy show or something like that. But back to the guy at the door - he said "oh yeah, Dino's in the back". Well Dino happens to be a party promoter with Metro Boyz Entertainment (and the husband of a fellow Mocha). So I heard his name and got my act together. Still I didn't know what to expect so I went to the ladies room and checked myself. Here is what I found upon my return:

I had a super great time, and I want to thank everyone who came out and wished me well, gave me a call, or sent me a message. You all helped to make my 30th birthday absolutely WONDERFUL! And to the most awesome husband ever-


Be Safe.


Susan said...

Happy happy birthday! You are GLOWING in your pics. What a great hubby, too! Here's too sooo many more!

geeky Heather said...

What a great party!! That picture of Michael kissing your cheek is the cutest ever!!

Shanta Hayes said...

Thanks Susan.He is a great hubby, I'm holding on tight. And thanks to you too Heather, I had a wonderful time.