Monday, July 21, 2008


Did I really need to join another group on Ravelry? Of course not. But I did it anyways, at the behest of Two Cables N' A Frapp. Wasn't like she had to do a lot of prodding, I went and read up on the events and decided that this would be the prime opportunity to get several gifts done.
I'm going to be participating in the Ravelympics in the Gift Knits Pentathlon. I'll be working on a few birthday gifts and some things for the girls. (They don't read my blog so I can post it here.) This is a very ambitious undertaking for me. I am somewhat a sloooowww knitter, so this is definitely going to be a challenge. I'm looking forward to it though, and I can't wait to start.
Let the countdown begin.

Be Safe.


cici said...

what a lovely blog,.,. I linked you from two cables. I am also going to do the ravelypics.

Shanta Hayes said...

Thank you, yours is lovely as well, and I like the dots. But hey you share it with your sister, so that's whose input is important. What event(s) are you doing in the Ravelympics?

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Only how many days to go ??? Can't wait !!!