Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Little Change Is Good...In Some Cases

Notice anything different? I've changed my template...again. I'd really like to cut my hair, but since I told my family I wouldn't do that for five years (four now) I've got to look for other ways to change my appearance. That is until I can figure out what to do with my hair. I'm thinking dreads. However that is not totally what the change is about. I was looking for something that allowed the page to look fuller. Generally I go with the whole "less is more" mantra, but the former template left to much open space on the sides, and it just wasn't as appealing as I first thought. I'm still "green" don't worry about that, the blog just has a different skin.

Hmm....What if it really were that easy, get tired of how you look and just change "skins" oh what a life that would be. Honestly after watching "Black in America" I wonder if it would make any difference. Changing "skins" that is. If it were as simple as that would you change what you looked like, if it meant hypothetically you could change your life? In my own personal opinion the documentary didn't show anything that I didn't already know, and I felt like these are problems that are more class based than race based. Seriously, the problems that exist -especially with regard to education are inherent.

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