Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Thank God, It's Raining

I know that people in Iowa are tired of water right now, but personally I couldn't be happier for the deluge that is occurring outside my house at this time. Its a storm really with thunder and lightning, but still I am thankful and truly so. It has been at least three weeks since our last "good" rainfall.

This drought has been a surreal experience for me. Its a lesson in poor planning on the states part, lack of conservation on the residents part and an overall disbelief on the part of all parties that our actions has any impact on the environment. There have been times in the past year where I have prayed for rain, circa Noah. No I would not have minded at all 40 days and 4o nights of rain, if it meant that we didn't have the water shortages that we have and it wasn't so hot all the time, and I just got to enjoy the smell of rain. I miss that, honestly I do. Its a fond memory from childhood that I wish every once in a while I could experience. Generally when it rains these days, its a relatively short burst, over and done with quicker than my 2 year olds interest in sitting on the potty.

My garden has suffered this year, because although we are allowed to water personal gardens, I really started off this year trying to use as much reclaimed rain water as possible to give the plants a drink, but with so little rain forthcoming, there wasn't much to give the plants a drink with. So I've been using the hose, but with the heat being as oppressive as its been, many of my plants have become badly burned or just plain tired looking by the end of the day. Its a sad state of affairs. Regardless, I am happy for the rain we are receiving now. My estimate is its been raining for about 2 hours now; that's good for around here. Storm or not I'll take it.

*** We'll be making Ginger Ale tomorrow. Its somewhat a lengthy process, but I'm looking forward to it. We were supposed to start today, but all to late I realized we didn't have a container large enough to store it in. Its experiment 96 in "501 Science Experiments". ( I got our copy at a local Borders in the bargain books section for $7.95) My 7 year old is very interested in Science, so we try to encourage all academic pursuits, and when she saw this book she wanted it, so I bought it for her birthday. I'll let you know how it tastes on Sunday. ***

As for my new widget, the Moms Daily Motivation, well, I like the idea so much to start a notebook for each of my kids, that I did it when they were born. Its really a journal to each of them, letting them know what they're like now, and how much I love them. I write letters at different times of the year, and encourage family and friends to do the same. I want the girls to know that we always thought they were special and there is so much to love about them. In my former years (read teen years), I had so many journals it was crazy, I felt they were the only place I could say how I really felt. I just want my girls to know that no matter what may be said in the heat of teenage angst I have always and will always love them, unconditionally for who they are, and they'll have written proof of that. They are my Love Letters to My Daughters.

Girls so need to be affirmed. All throughout the day, I try to whisper in their ears something special and unique about them. I was much more diligent with doing it at night when they were asleep ( go into the room and tuck them in - again - and whisper three positive things in their ear). I got that from an old girlfriend <- that's another post.

Knitterly wise, Heather has agreed to hold me accountable to my knitting, and suggests I finish the Zig Zag first. I just hope I remember where I left off, and am able to write the pattern correctly.

Well that was a lot not related to rain. Oh well, it worked for me. If you're in Georgia, I hope you are enjoying the rain. I sure am.

No matter where you are or what you're doing:

Be Safe.

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Woman of Destiny said...

I love that journal idea! I am soooo gonna do one for Donovan and one for Trinity. You always have the bestest ideas ever! (And yes, I did mean to use that superlative for best)