Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Si Se Puede

Well he said he could do it, and he did. Senator Barack Obama garnered enough delegates to receive the Democratic nomination for President. This is one of those times, in my young life, where the question "where were you when_____?" will be relevant. Incidentally, I was talking with an insurance agent about the difference between term life and whole life policies.

I was excited at first, because I'm an Obama supporter, but then I thought of the reality of the matter, and it dawned on me, that this has been a long time coming. (I was an Afro-American and African studies major in college). Historically this is sadly overdue. Had it not been for Jim Crow a day like this could have manifested long ago. Barack Obama is the only African-American in the U.S. Senate currently, and only the fifth since Reconstruction.

The past cannot be changed but the future is surprisingly bright. The dream of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is looming on the horizon, and is indeed filled with hope. For too long, has race/racism played a role in who can or can't be in, but no longer. The events of the past 24 hours proves that. African-Americans only account for 12% of the population, so to say that Obama won the nomination based on race alone is an invalid argument.

At any rate, this is not a tirade on race in America, but instead a retrospective on just how far the country has come with regard to selecting its leaders. I'm tired now, but there will be more later (maybe). Until then....

Be Safe.

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