Thursday, June 12, 2008


Nova Gorica, Slovenija... that is where my RAK gift came from. All the way across the Atlantic Ocean, in a small country bordered by Austria, Italy and Croatia. To say I was excited about it is oh so mildly understating it. Ecstatic is more like it, considering I picked up the package from the post office as early as I could this morning and headed to the dentist with the girls; where I proceeded to open my package with all the zeal of a child on Christmas morning. I was none to disappointed either when in addition to yarn, there was a post card, a Lavender sachet, and some beautiful purple beads -which I will use to make stitch markers. Oh so loved I am.

Since I opened my package in the waiting area, I of course had to tell the other ladies what all the excitement was about, RAK's, Ravelry, WWKiP (World Wide Knit in Public) Day. It was great, I didn't get any new knitters but it was definitely fun.

Here's what all the excitement is about:

Isn't the pink just lovely. It's 100% mercerized cotton made in Croatia. I've never had cotton made in another country before, except Lily's but that doesn't count, because Canada is right next door, and when I lived in Michigan we drove there often. And I haven't as yet tried Sinfonia which is made in Mexico. No matter, I am totally excited, and very blessed, that yet another person thought about someone other than themselves, and I just happened to be the person they thought of. Yeah!!!
As always,
Be Safe.

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Woman of Destiny said...

Nice yarn... but I totally don't get what all the Hooplah is about... maybe you should give me knitting lesson... then maybe I can get on you level...LOL!