Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hayessl's Tired

...So my Meez, Hayessl (my sister says "Hazel") is like my alter, she'll do dances and wear clothes that I can't or simply won't have the opportunity to (I'm a little dancing and dressing challenged). But right now, Hayessl is soooo tired. A little case of insomnia, has me wrapped up in its fingers. My little Meez is reflecting how I feel. A good comfy pair of pajamas (of which I have several pair, nice flannel ones, soft cottons, silks, etc...) and a nice soft pillow, but still to no avail, sleep will not come. Why oh why does the Sandman evade me? Who knows, maybe its my diet or the change in my sleeping habits since school let out, or the pain in my shoulder. It could be a myriad of things. At any rate, I'm tired all the time, but can't seem to get any rest. Any suggestions? I'm open to anything.

***Side Note: talking about oneself in the third person is kinda fun.

On to knitterly news; I abstained from buying yarn today (it was a bittersweet incident). I am really trying not to buy more yarn until I have used up a considerable amount of my stash. -I will take donations though - Since I'm in the running for world's slowest knitter, that may take some time. I'm working on that as well. The more I knit, the faster I get (Right?). Oh well, I did finish another little Mini Purse for Lani's friend (tying in to the all handmade gifts for the rest of the year). I am currently monogamously working on the Lavender Sweater. Since I am working on the second sleeve, I should be done with it by July (remember I'm slow). I just have about 4 more inches on the sleeve then piece everything together and finish the neck. It will be my first time, (making a sweater - pullover to be exact) so hopefully it will go off without a hitch. I'm excited to be so close to finishing such a big thing. I'll post pics of course as soon as its done.
Until next time...
Be Safe.

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Woman of Destiny said...

Um... yeah... I will not be providing any donations at this time. However, if the sweater you make happens to be a little too large for you, I'd be happy to take it off your hands :-)

P.S. How about some liquor or wine for that insomnia... you said wine put you to sleep.