Monday, May 12, 2008

One More Please

WOO HOO! I've got my first angel for my Pay It Forward Exchange. Thanks Laverna, I'm so excited. And my second is Andi of Mystic Spiral (a ceramic bead artist she is). How cool is that?

Now I just need one more person that I can bless with a lovely handcrafted something or other. I am really looking forward to this opportunity to brighten someone else's day. Just spread a little love and let another person know that they are thought about and loved, even by people they have never met. Isn't that profound? Someone you never met cares enough to send you something they made with their own hands. To me crafting is an outward expression of my love, because I took my time to get it right, just for you, so you would feel special. I hope you feel at least a little warm and fuzzy when you get my gift.

Both ladies found me on the Random Acts of Kindness group on Ravelry of course. I've selected my RAK recipients for May. Only four people, and simple things, because I'm on a limited budget right now. Saving up for Father's Day. (I have no idea what to get my husband, so I need to have a little put aside in case I decide to splurge). It is so great to give to people. It's great to be a blessing.

Well I've got to go, I've got two kids home today and they need my attention.

Be Safe.

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