Saturday, May 31, 2008

MNO -- Moms Night Out

Each month the mommy group I belong to (Mocha Moms) has an event for -moms only-, (no husbands, and no kids allowed). Its a great opportunity for ladies to get out and nurture their girlfriend relationships, and each month I look forward to it. I don't make it every month, but I try. In my chapter -South Dekalb, GA- we generally set the calendar date as the third weekend of each month, but this month I was hosting, and that weekend wouldn't fit my schedule, so I planned for the fifth weekend. This year of course that coincided with the opening of Sex and the City. And thus the "Sexy in the City Moms Night Out" hosted by MM Shanta was set. Location: Atlantic Station We attended the 6:40 show so that we could have dinner afterwards (at Copelands Cheesecake Bistro) and talk about the movie. The latter did not occur because some in our party didn't purchase tickets ahead of time, (although I had advised so in the Evite).

Of course you can imagine, I went slightly over the top. Carrie Bradshaw had to be paid homage. So I wore my fabulous white with blue strap Dave Chappelle dress (called thusly, because I made it to wear to a Dave Chappelle concert with my husband), and a pair of 4 inch Python stilettos - (no one ever complains when the leather comes from snakes) -a striking combination. My fellow moms were equally sexy.

We all enjoyed the movie and felt that it ended on a strong note. Some felt Jennifer Hudson was trying just a little too hard, but that was my first time seeing her act, as I have never seen Dreamgirls, and I don't watch American Idol, so I had neutral feelings. But I wasn't there to see her anyways, it was all about Carrie and Big for me. And they delivered in classic fashion. There was "coloring" in spades and high fashion at every turn.

Now the anticipation for this movie was off the charts, and to see all the other ladies out, dressed like we were going to glamorous parties with all our girlfriends was phenomenal. It was just lovely.

My group and I called it wraps around midnight and put the perfect cap on a wonderful evening with friends. Now the theme that I built this evening around, is what made it so cool for me. But it is so important for all of us to continue to build relationships with our girlfriends, even after marriage and children. Sometimes moreso once you have children. You just need that adult interaction, that "girl talk". Ladies wherever you are plan a MNO of your own. I guarantee it will be a night to remember.

Be Safe.

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