Thursday, May 08, 2008


Sometimes there is so much serious stuff going on around you that you just want to escape for awhile. Well, I have found the perfect distraction. ==> See my Meez. Isn't she cute? I think she's adorable. And when I'm not on Ravelry or working, I'm dressing her up and changing her background. I love it. I saw one on Smariek Knits and I just had to have one for myself.

I went to the site and signed up, it was easy enough and best of all FREE! Mindless entertainment is always best when there's no charge. There are a ton of styling options, (backgrounds, clothes, hair, make-up, shoes, etc..). It's really a blackhole i.e you get sucked in--albeit a slow one, sometimes the server can be a tad slow. But I'm guessing its a small operation so some lag time can be expected. It still gets the job done for me, because I'm not going there to play the games they have, just to dress up my Meez. It's like playing dolls on the computer, I love it!

The knitting animation I purchased with my coinz, but the clothes and background were free. Which the majority of items are, but since I didn't pay for the coinz, it (the animation)was really free too. You earn coinz when you sign up and by subscribing to the newsletter, and when you refer others. BTW my Meez name is hayessl, just in case;)

I really like my little shirt, especially since Mother's Day is coming up.

Speaking of mother' kind to yours and give her a call on Sunday, it just might make her day. Comcast has been running these commercials, where all these moms were getting calls from their kids, and passing out. I was like "who wouldn't call their mom on Mother's Day?" At which point he gave me a very close and personal example, and I said "oh, yeah." So even if it may give her a coronary, go ahead and give your old mum a call this Sunday. You never know where it might lead.

Just FYI, I love my mother very much and was not the person used in the example. However I have yet to mail her gift, because the "simple bookmark" that I have been making to go with the book I bought has turned out to be not so simple; so I may be driving it up on Saturday. I'll post a pick when its finished.

Be Safe.

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