Monday, April 28, 2008

Kids Say the Darndest Things Pt.2

I love my kids, sometimes I think they are too smart for their own goods; but really what kind of oxymoron is that? At any rate. My lovely darlings always make great dinner conversation and last night was no exception.

The setting: My husband, 4 year old, 2 year old and myself were still at the dinner table. We had been talking about how my Pre-k student didn't not like to spell her sight words and do her homework with ME. Whereas with my husband, she's pointing out words as they drive around, like she's been reading her whole life.

Well I am shocked, awed and maybe a little jealous. (This is the same child who labeled me the Grumpy old Troll). At any rate; I ask the child " Are you L-A-Z-Y?" to which she replies, "You mean lazy, like I sit around and don't do anything all day long..." There was more, but I was laughing hysterically at this point and couldn't hear the rest. Mind you this is the same little person who won't even spell 'can' for me. Where did she get that from? I really want to know.

I have no words, NONE. I will say though that I can be L-A-Z-Y. Matter-of-factly this post was originally dated April 18th (not that she knows this). Lately I've just been very unmotivated, so much is going on and so many decisions need to be made (break out the violins). I'm just procrastinating, its shameful.

So who am I? - uhm - the pot. I'll leave the child alone until I get my act together. But still, you gotta love the kids.

Be Safe.

Friday, April 25, 2008

My First Knitted Dishcloth

Well, I did it, I finished my first dishcloth, and I must say it came out pretty well. It was a lovely project that I found on a Michigan group in Ravelry.

It's a free pattern (one of my favorite phrases). It can be found on the blog Wish I was Knitting at the Lake by Cathy Waldie. She has some great patterns on her site and they are all really quite lovely, practical, and easy to knit.

Now for the unveiling:


Be Safe.

Friday, April 18, 2008

How My Garden Grows

Well it's not with Silverbells and Cockle Shells and Seven pretty Maids in a row. It's definitely thanks to the rain we've been receiving lately, which I must constantly say "Thank You God" for, because the drought was not kind to the garden last year (with the watering bans and all). Well I've been collecting water in a container, so I don't feel so bad watering, because I haven't used the hose all season.



I've got a lovely salad mix, some arugala, mesculun, spinach, scallions, oregano, mint, and cilantro out already. I've been hesitant about putting out my potatoes and peppers, but I'm coming around, if only the weather would. I put the seeds out on Good Friday, so that would have been March 21, right? At any rate, here is what they looked like on April 18th.

Lettuce Mix, Spinach, Scallions


And in case you were wondering, that is a kiddie pool that the lettuce is growing in.

Monday, April 07, 2008

I'm on Ravelry...Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BTW I'm Mochamomknitter

Okay I was so totally excited last night when I looked into my inbox and found my invitation to Ravelry. I had only been on the waiting list maybe two weeks, and yet when I opened up my mail, there it was. Giddy doesn't cover it. I was elated. My husband, not so much. He didn't understand what the hoopla was all about. Honestly I didn't really know who I could share this with. I'm one of 14,000+ in my sock group so that's nothing new to them, and maybe not much of a big deal.

For those of you not familiar with Ravelry its like Myspace or Facebook for the textile inclined set. People who like to play with fibers. Yarns, roving, spinners, knitters, crocheters the whole gamut. I just so happy to be there. Yeah!!!!!!!

I've uploaded most of my books, some aren't listed. Now I have to take pictures of my stash and Finished Objects (FO). I also need to take pictures of the projects I'm working on and scour the site for other patterns I might like to try. I am so excited. Well as soon as I figure out how to upload a button we'll be on our way. Enjoy. Until then you can check me out as mochamomknitter on Ravelry. Oh wait, unless you're already on Ravelry, you can't look because its in a beta phase, and we don't want to overload it. But by all means, please sign up for an invitation, I'm sure you'll be happy you did.

Be Safe.