Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Excercise...Your Right to Vote

Today is Super Tuesday, dubbed so because of the legion of states that have their presidential primary today. This year is a special year. No really it is. This primary is historical. First of all its Black HIStory month, which is typical, the primary is always the same time, but to have a man of color, and a woman on the Democratic ticket at the same time is astounding. I was telling my daughters about the importance of voting, (before they got on the bus this morning), and the Voting Rights Act of 1965. I told them about how people died so that we could excercise this right/privilege.
I love my children, so I believe it is my job to let them know about what is important in the world. We talk to them about real things, and this is a very serious and real thing. Scores of blacks and whites gave their lives fighting so that future generations would not have to take senseless tests, or be afraid of the threat of death if they went to render their ballot. Men and women black and white were lynched beat, shot, tortured for their efforts to ensure this [ voting ] privilege was available to all, as it had been intended with the 15th Amendment. Had this amendment actually been enforced there would have been no need for the Voting Rights Act, however the world is what it is, and so the struggle continued.
If you live in a Super State and you do not vote today [for any reason other than hospitalization] you have spit in the face of all who came before you and worked so hard, and to those who gave their lives, you have practically danced on their graves. Too much is at stake for people to sit idly by and do nothing, even in a primary. Your voice is heard only when you use it, and putting Florida aside, it counts. Do not take it for granted.
Now go vote, and if you already did, kudos. If you don't live in a Super Tuesday state call all your friends and family that do, and remind them to go out and excercise...their vote.

Be Safe.

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