Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Myspace Chronicles ED.1

Oh my goodness, its not like it thought...well it is, I'm just not using that part

Yes everyone, I have stepped out into the world of Myspace and I like it. Matter of fact, I love it. I have found so many old friends, people I honestly didn't think I would see again, because we have all moved on in life, from the time and place in which we me. But here I am sharing pictures of my kids and talking about my business to friends from high school and college. I'm even trying to go as far back as middle school, however for some reason I can't find anyone of them. Granted that was over 15 years ago so that endeavor may be something of a long shot; but I'm willing to take it.

I was initially very hesistant about going on Myspace because of all the negative I heard about it, and I was not trying to have anymore of that in my life, than already existed. However one day I was watching a jewelry making video online, and I realized it was on Myspace. Wow! legitimate, professional, non-musicians use Myspace for networking purposes. So of course I signed up. It only took a few minutes to do my profile, and my page was up and running.
At the time I registered, I only knew for sure of one person that I actually knew that had a Myspace account. Well I went to her page and there was another person I knew, and so forth and so on. And their pages were so ornate; and of course I didn't want my page to be the average, cookie cutter, straight out the box, facsimile page, so I did a little research and I changed my layout. It's not as flashy as some, but it suits my purposes just fine. I don't really need too much going on, as it can distract from what I am actually trying to promote, that being my jewelry.

At any rate, I am really enjoying what the site is doing and how it is benefitting me. I am adding more friends everyday, and the more people that see my jewelry, the faster my business will grow.

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