Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Starting Over

Hello all,

Well, well, well. Have you ever decided you were going to do something and then never quite got around to it. Say for example, starting a blog about a business you are starting to create more buzz about it. Well I have. I created a blog to talk about jewelry when I first decided that I was going to seriously pursue selling my jewelry as a business. I have yet to post one entry on my other blog. Well "la-dee-da" you say.

The impetus for this entry well, I'm back home for one, so my kids are back on schedule and I can work while they are asleep. But the real reason. I joined a group to help support me in my endeavors to actually see my business succeed, and a fellow member sent some links that she thought would be of interest to me. One in particular I checked out thoroughly. I clicked all the links on that particular site to see, who did what, when and how. Well, to my surprise, one of the wonderful write-ups about this young ladies jewelry was on another blog on this site. It just so happens that it was posted the same day that I created my jewelry blog (which I have yet to do anything with). That sounds like Karma kicking.

So now I am starting over. Cleaning the slate and rebuilding, not that there was much to knock down.

Oddly enough, I am starting over at home also. My oldest will be going to Kindergarten, and that is going to be an interesting experience. A new school year always feel s like a fresh start to life, even though school begins in fall, when everything is starting to die. (Not to be morbid.) The whole time I was pregnant and deciding to do the business, it felt like not only was I birthing my child, but this business idea as well. Now I want to give it the best start that I can so that it will be around long term. Just like my daughter going to school I want her to have the best start possible so that she will like school, and do well.

I'm always telling my oldest daughter to be patient, I should have been listening to myself, doing things right the first time so I wouldn't have to start over. But here I am. Not upset or disappointed, just going forward.

I took a break from my online research today to talk to my daughter about my desires for my business and I think she understood. All I want is to be successful, so that I can leave a legacy for them ( my girls). And sometimes to do that you have to step back, reassess and Start Over.

Here's to getting a clearer view of life and starting over.

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