Thursday, July 27, 2006

kids say the darndest things part 1

I have taken a new approach to helping my children to learn...leave them alone. Occassionally I have the tendency to making the learning experience more of a chore, so I have starting giving them a task and then going off and doing something of my own until they have had time to accomplish said task. Well its working for all parties involved. The kids seem less stressed about what they are doing and they perform better than when I am peering over their shoulders and correcting every minor imperfection. It may help that I am also praising their work more often now, even when I don't consider it perfect.

Heck they are only five and three if I push to hard now, they may not enjoy it later. My five year old already laments that she does not want to learn to read; even though she already can, she just doesn't know it. Let me explain that a little better. She knows her sight words, and she can read them when they are together, She just doesn't want to. I love to read. Her dad is always reading. We read to them everynight. We go to the library all the time. But she doesn't want to read, what gives? I don't have a clue, but I do know this. She listens.

This summer The Five Year Old's objectives have been to listen, and be patient. We're still working on the latter. Well the other day, the girls were working on their homework when The Three Year Old says "I'm frustrated". (She was supposed to be tracing the letter S). Being the good, relaxed, reassuring mom that I am, I say, "You can do it, just follow the lines", at which point she hangs her head in defeat. Well The Five Year Old steps up and says "I have a surprise for you if you do your work." (Yes bribery is used as a learning aid occassionally). In turn The Three Year Old says "is it chocolate?"
"Is it gum?"
I'm thinking- is this really happening before my very eyes? Yes, yes it was. Well I get up and leave the room to go do something else and when I return the S's are complete. I think "wow!" Then I ask if The Three Year Old did them, and her sister says "No, I did." and skips off.
Well at least the letters got done.

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