Monday, July 31, 2006

I'm still Not writing things down

Occasionally, I forget things. You know, like my train of thought, or what I decided to cook for dinner, or what the next thing I was supposed to be doing, and sometimes, like now, what I am supposed to be writing about. See I have a wonderful lists of topics that I would like to write on, [because I can't just sit down and write when I want to], because someone (the kids or my husband, or my mom) always needs me to do something or play something, fix a tent or have a picnic, pay a bill, pick up some drycleaning, something. Well I am always forgetting something unless I write it all down. And today has not been a good day for writing things down.

First of all I woke up late, which meant everybody got up late. It was a bit after 8 o'clock, and The Three Year Old is supposed to be at preschool (which is at a friends house)at 9 am. Well we were late, which meant we were not exactly on time for The Five Year Olds dentist appointment, which was at 10:00 (we were only 2 minutes late, and they give a fifteen minute grace). Thank God for grace. Well, we were there longer than I would have liked, and got news I really didn't want to hear. (Point of note: this is a pediatric dentist, who was referred by our family dentist where she usually goes)
Okay..The child has five- count them, 1,2,3,4,5 cavities. Now I knew she had one (1)that definitely needed a filling. Then there were two (2) that the [family] dentist wanted to watch. Alright 1+2=3, not at the pediatric dentist, remember he said she has five (5). So there are a couple of issues, someone's x-ray machine is on the blink or, our insurance (thank goodness we have it) is paying someone too much to not be doing a better job. Well I'm going with the latter and switching the kids dentist.

At any rate, it took so long at the dentist, (because we had to go over the procedural options, and I had to ask a thousand questions), we were late to pick up The Three Year Old. Well that sucked. Finally we arrive home and, (no one fell asleep in the car), before I can put the bags, my keys or the baby down; The Five Year Old states again that she is hungry. And if I hadn't mentioned it before, (because I forgot the write it down), she had been doing this the whole while at the dentist office. Granted she'd only had cereal before we left the house, and it had been a while since she'd last eaten; (because I hadn't anticipated being at the dentist forever), I didn't pack a snack. I wouldn't have done it regardless. I know it's a dentists job to look in peoples mouths, but I'm sure they don't want to see your food while they are. Snacks are definitely out of the bag on dentist day.

Finally my hands are empty and everyone has the snack of their choice. The baby is quiet and I say to myself "I can write now". [My husband and I have just about always been psychically linked.] So at approximately the exact same time he calls and asks me to do something. What it is I don't remember now, nor did I recall when he called me about an hour later to see if I had actually carried out said tasks. All because of course "I'm still not writing things down."

Of course the baby is crying now, so I must go and comfort her. However this is the end of this entry because- ding!ding!ding!- (you got it), I lost my train of thought. It actually happened about 5 interruptions ago, but I persevered with the hope that I would eventually get back on [track]. However I have not, so I'll just say goodbye.

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